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so I'm listening to Plasma....

And I'm wondering if there's anyone our there who is going to see the Austin City Limits show? I'm thinking I would give anything to see TAB again, as Small Axe comes blaring out of my comp speakers. All this Phish stuff this summer was not very satisfying, IMO, and I'm looking forward for TAB to begin touring again. And perhaps there'll be a new studio album. I'd like to hear TAB tear up some of the songs on Undermind, as they were originally TAB songs. Although, I have to admit, I like Phish's rendition of the song "Undermind."

So who else out there is not so sad to see Phish go for the sole reason that this will give Trey a chance to develop TAB to its full potential? They were great during the 2 tours over which Plasma was recorded, but I definitely think that they could grow to be even better if Trey puts everything he's got into it, AND people give him a chance to exist outside of Phish.

Do you remember when the email went out that this incarnation of TAB wouldn't tour again? And yet, he continues to do occasional shows with them. I think that Trey sent that notice around because he realized that he couldn't get on a stage without everyone in the room thinking somewhere in the back of their minds, "Maybe the other Phish guys are backstage and their going to play tonight." When TAB started touring, Trey would play the acoustic Phish songs for lack of material, but he continued doing that even when TAB had more than enough to make every show interesting. He stopped doing that as often toward the end of TAB's few tours. When he did play Phish songs, do you think it was as satisfying for him to be playing without the rest of the band? Do you think he was just catering to all the Phish-heads who didn't have a tour to follow?

I hope that people can finally let Trey be separate from Phish, now that Phish no longer exists. He's a much better artist than Phish allowed him to be.
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